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Aqua Flow Plumbing, LLC. is a family owned and operated residential plumbing business serving the Carolinas since 2003. Our expert plumbers are licensed and insured with a combined 50+ years of experience in residential plumbing. Aqua Flow is qualified to help with your residential plumbing, water filtration, or water heater/ tankless needs. We work locally in Davidson, Denver, Cornelius, Huntersville, and Mooresville, NC. You can request a free pricing quote online or by phone at 704-912-3085. Call Now!

Why Choose Aqua Flow?

• Licensed & Insured

• Family Owned & Operated

• Established 2003

• Combined 50+ Yrs. Experience

• Trustworthy & Reliable

• Fair Pricing & FREE Quotes

A Brief History

David Naranjo began working as a residential plumber with a focus on restoring, repairing, and replacing outdated plumbing in historical buildings in NYC during the 1980’s. His wife, Jacqueline, handled the bookkeeping and scheduling for the family business. In 2003, the Naranjo’s sold their extremely successful business, ‘Knight Plumbing & Heating’ and moved their family to the Carolinas where they began their new venture, Aqua Flow Plumbing, LLC.

Time Line:

• 1986 – The Naranjo’s began their first plumbing business in Brookyln, NYC.

• 1998 – Sold Knight Plumbing & Heating and moved their family to the Carolinas.

• 2003 – Began Aqua Flow Plumbing, LLC., Licensed & Insured.

• 2005 – Aqua Flow Plumbing became a father and son business. At this time, Jared Naranjo joined Aqua Flow to work alongside his father as a plumber.

• 2020 – The Naranjo’s have a collective 50+ years of experience in residential plumbing. 

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